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Canterwalk Equine Nutrition is a Spanish brand established in 2011 as a result of the passion for horses of its founder, Roberto Colao, and his eagerness to design, produce and commercialize a premium feed for horses. Until then several high range feed brands were being commercialized in the country, but all of them were either produced outside Spain or belonged to foreign companies. On the contrary, Canterwalk products are completely manufactured in Spain.

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Digestibility improvers

  • Increase sports or productive performance
  • Reduce the risk of suffering pathologies associated with nutrition
  • Promote optimal development in growing foals, as well as reduce the risk of developmental disease.
Each one of the technologies we incorporate to our feeds help our horses enjoy good health in full performance
  • Contributes to stabilize the horse’s intestinal flora, helping to prevent colic and improving the digestion of dietary nutrients.
  • Increases the large intestine’s pH, favoring fiber digestion, reducing gas formation and minimizing the risk of colic.
  • Reduces the risk of digestive problems in high starch fodder.
  • Increases milk production in mares.
  • Improves foal’s growth.

Acts in 3 different ways:

  • Secuestra bacterias patógenas del intestino, ayudando a prevenir alteraciones digestivas
  • Increases gene expression related to the epithelium’s digestive integrity (decreases the incidents of porous bowel syndrome). A good digestive epithelium favors nutrient digestion, avoids the entry of bacterial remains which cause inflammation and at the same time can cause discomfort and nervousness in the specimens, and therefore contributes to avoid the appearance of sores and even infosures.
  • Immunomodulator: Increases the activity of the animal’s immune system, both cellular and humeral, and at the same time avoids excessive inflammatory reactions.

By fermentation techniques in solid form (SSF) A fungus that secretes multiple enzymes is achieved, and are capable of degrading the substrate on which they grow. This crop is collected and preserved, so that it contains multiple enzymatic activities, among which amylase activity, beta glucanase, xylanase, fibrinolytic enzymes and also proteolytic stand out. This product, added to the horse’s diet, favors good nutrient digestion in the small intestine, improving nutrient absorption as well as avoiding the arrival of easily fermentable products in the horse’s colon, where it could lead to colic and other digestive problems. Intestinal inflammation has also been seen in other species.


  • Better protein and energy assimilation both fibre and starch.
  • The lower arrival of undigested nutrients in the large intestine (less dysbiosis and colic).
  • Less intestinal inflammation which increases intestinal permeability and thus increasing the horse’s irritability, as well as the possibility of suffering for laminitis.
  • Better absorption of phosphate and other minerals.

Organic supply of chelated micro minerals (iron, zinc, copper and magnesium) in the form of proteinates. This presentation, out of all those authorised, is the most stable and the one which offers the greatest guarantee of achieving good mineral absorption. Given the multiple micro mineral interactions with other dietary elements, it is important to present them joined to stable molecules that are capable of transporting them to their absorption points .If the ligands are weak, they dissociate in the acidic pH of the stomach, being able to later join in the duodenum (neutral pH) to other molecules, forming non absorbable complexes. The micro minerals are crucial for the metabolism and for the horse’s musculoskeletal system, because of which it is vital to ensure good bioavailability.

It is common to combine inorganic and organic sources in micromineral supplements. In Canterwalk, in addition to optimun efficiency organic sources such as Alltech Bioplexes, the proportions between organic and inorganic sources follow the proportions indicated by the TRT program (Total Replacement Technology) developed by the Alltech research department. Consequently, the final proportion of highly available minerals is much higher than average, representing 50% of these microminerals.

The right contribution favors:

  • It prevents the development of Osteodystrophy developmental disease (DOD) in foals.
  • Mantenimiento óptimo de la densidad e integridad ósea en potros y adultos
  • Óptima calidad de los epitelios, tanto de la piel como del epitelio digestivo
  • Maximum iron availability for the synthesis of hemoglobin and myoglobin, which facilitates the transportation of oxygen and therefore the horse’s sports performance.
  • A good hoof development.
  • Good functioning of antioxidant systems.
  • Favors the operation of the animal’s immune system, especially in periods of stress (competition, transportation, hard work etc).

It is also a micro mineral, but cannot be chelated, so it is obtained in the form of selenium methionine from a yeast. This way is far more bioavailable than in inorganic form (sodium selenite) and the body can accumulate it, creating reserves which are not achieved with the inorganic form. The selenium forms a crucial part of the horse’s antioxidant system and given the fact that during the horse’s exercise a very important oxidative metabolism is developed, therefore it is essential that this mineral is available in adequate quantities.


  • Optimal antioxidant system.
  • Favorece la integridad muscular y la recuperación tras los esfuerzos
  • Optimizes the operation of the immune and reproductive systems.

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