Our ambassadors

Tilda Gustafsson

Tilda is 19 years old and lives in Jönköping, Sweden. She is a dressage rider with high goals like be a member of the national team and compete at the highest level. In the future she wants to be able to run her own company with horses and work with it full time.

She started riding when she was 2 years old on her mom's big nice warmblood and got her first B-pony when she was 4 and had Skrållan until she was 18. They have their own small stable at a large plant in Jönköping.

Her second pony was a C-pony and her third pony was a D-pony, Biscuit.

They bought their first riding horse in 2016 and his name is Bruschetto. He is a Swedish warmblood born in 2008. She got him in May 2016 and 3 months after they were in the first spring cup together and won 4 of 5 starts.

They have developed from LC level to just started an Intermediaries I. From 2017 she has trained for her coach Marika Martinsson who is Grand Prix rider. Right now, her focus is on starting an SM (Swedish master) but her long-term goal is to be able to work with horses full time and compete in the national team and be able to compete at the highest level and be as good as possible.

“I give Bruschetto Canterwalk Endurance and I am very satisfied with Canterwalk's feed. Bruschetto loves Canterwalk's feed!. I feel a big difference in concentration on my horse and the fur has become super good. Bruschetto has also become wiser and smoother as he absorbs the lining better and therefore very fine in his musculature. I am very grateful that Canterwalk wants to help me and be part of my investment in equestrian sports!.”

Helena Wass

Ridden horses since the age of 5. Enjoyed mostly racing horses. Started competing in endurance 5 years ago. Love the ultimate challenge of having a strong horse throughout the long distance in our races.

2018 - 4th place in the Nordic Baltic Championship.

2018-18 th place in the World Championships for young horses.

2019 -3 th place in 120 km in Norway.

2019 - Best stallion of the year.

2020 - Challenger for the Swedish national team.

MM Zcapa - 9 year old stallion that is not only beautiful but a strong horse with a big heart. 2018-18th place in the world championship for young horses.

Wentyl du Bienn - 8 year old mare from Italy. This mare is doing here qualification to compete internationally. This is a coming star nothing is stopping here on the track.

“I give my horses Canterwalk Endurance so that they can perform for long distances. The feed provides the strength and energy required for my discipline.”

Maria Törnqvist

Studied at Wångens gymnasium 2003-2006. Been working proffesionally with horses since the age of 18. She manages her own training and competition racing stable since year 2017.

Four victories at Rikstoto where 3 was at V75. Around 100 victories as a trainer.

“I use Canterwalk twice a day for our horses. Maze Runner is currently the most merited horse on Canterwalk horse feed. I am really pleased with the products of Canterwalk. The quality is very high and this is something you can see on our horses!”

Laura Roquet

“My family and I have worked hard to get here. I have earned the possibility of being a member of the Spanish squad at the European Championships and I will carry on endeavouring to achieve my dream, which is being an Olympic athlete.“

Born in Barcelona, ​​she started riding at the age of 3. Currently she is a hurdling horsewoman. With such an early start, instilled by a family with passion for horses, she has had the privilege of working with great trainers and, in fact, she soon got good results in ponies categories. Laura has always been committed to horse riding.

She has participated in the Nations Cup with the Spanish team on 15 occasions and some of her achievements are: second place at Grand Prix of CSIO 5 * Gijón 2017, best Spanish horsewoman at the World Cups of Madrid and La Coruña in 2018; gold medal at the Nations Cup CSIO 5 * Gijón 2018; absolute runner-up of Spain 2018.

Apart from competing, she works in breeding or re-breeding foals in order to lead them to the top. All the horses she rides during competitions are entirely trained by herself from the start.

For my equine athletes I use Canterwalk products because I consider them the best nutrition for my horses and they fulfill the FEI standards. I am really satisfied with the quality and the results obtained with these feeds; their excellence has allowed my horses to be in top shape and get their highest performance. I trust Canterwalk. Their advice is really helpfull”.

Rubén Arrabe

“I have been feeding my competition horses with Canterwalk products for more than 8 years and I can only say nice things about them. Canterwalk staff always care about the needs of my horses individually, evaluating them and guiding their nutrition towards competition, whether morphological or dressage, getting always the best from my animals. During this time I have never had any health problems associated with feeding, and that is one of the reasons why I will keep trusting them.”

Born in Ávila in the bosom of a cattle family, he was raised in the world of PRE (Pura Raza Español). He started his riding career when he was very young representing his family ranching in morphological competitions. In fact, nowadays he still participates in this kind of events and is greatly recognized either nationally and internationally after his many awards in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Nicaragua y México.

Many ranchings have trusted Rubén, both in Spain and abroad, and, as a sign of that, he has received many awards as a presenter and a dressage rider, as the SICAB Bronze Medal 4 years with Gracioso D in 2009, SICAB Bronze Medal 5 years with Goloso D in 2010, SICAB Silver Medal 6 years with Goloso D in 2011, Best Presenter of the World at SICAB 2012, Champion of Spain and Champion of the world SICAB 4 years with Ules VDOS in 2013, Champion of the Copa del Rey at San Jorge with V. Laureus in 2014, Best Presenter of Central America in 2014, Silver Medal at Spain Championship 4 years with Lemen´s Star and 4th position in that same category with Zalando in 2015, Champion of the Copa del Rey 4 years with Zalando; SICAB World Champion 6 years with Toral RJ in 2018 and World Champion Best Adult Gaits with Tlaloc Mor, World Champion section 8 and absolute runner-up with Virrey Mor at SICAB in 2019.

Carlos Torell

Professional rider and professional trainer. He has used Canterwalk products since 2012.

“My horses` life has changed thanks to the help received from Canterwalk nutritionists. Apart from advising, they studied the evolution of the horses` needs depending on their performance and physical condition, and, consequently, reduced the risk of damage and diseases such as colics. From a nutritional perspective, they have very asimilable and digestible formulas, with a variety of recipes that allow you to combine feed and ensure that each diet is suitable for each one of our horses, which definitely are elite athletes. I encourage you to try it.

Juanma Acosta Ponce

“I trust Canterwalk products for many reasons, but especially for their proven quality, as they provide all the necessary nutrients for my horses to be able to demonstrate their highest potential during competitions. In addition, they have a wide range of products to meet the particular needs of each one of my horses, so I know they will always provide the feed we need. On the other hand, I greatly appreciate their attention and advice on any matter. I feel really satisfied with Canterwalk.”

This Spanish dressage rider was born in Lepe (Huelva), where his herd of horses, called Yeguada Acosta Ponce, and its facilities are located.

He competes with his own horses, among which the following ones stand out: Salobre TR, Albeitar TR, Columbus TR or Doñana TR. Juanma was champion of Spain of young horses 4 times and also won many other medals at this championship. He has also been part of the Spanish team for the World Championship of Young Horses in 2016 , where he obtained the best position achieved by a Spanish coupling in the 5-year-old horses category with Salobre TR and with Columbus TR in 2017.

Yeguada M Fernanda de la Escalera

“We have trusted Canterwalk since 2012, from then on we have fed our foals from the weaning and in all the development stages with their feeds, obtaining excellent results as the absence of diseases associated with growth. We also use other Canterwalk products to balance the diet of our breeding mares and competition specimens.”

The herd of horses of María Fernanda de la Escalera is highly regarded worldwide. In fact, nowadays it is the most laureate Pura Raza Española herd ever and also the senior herd in the world, as proven by documentary evidence that dates it at the beginning of the 18th century. All the animals of this ranching have a peculiar feature, which is their chestnut and black fur. Even though it was established some centuries ago, this herd has always belonged to the same family.

Many significant horses of this herd have achieved worldwide sports merits throughout history, as Ermitaño III ( world's first elite stud), Nadadora VIII (several times Spanish Champion with 7 Gold Medals in SICAB), Cartujano LVIII (Champion of Andalucía and Champion of Spain in morphology and gaits), Libertada IV (twice Champion of Spain in SICAB), different cobras of mares with more than 20 titles as Champions of Spain and World Champions in SICAB and, of course, Panadera LVIII, with more than 4 titles of Absolute World Champion, which is the most awarded mare in the history of Pura Raza Español.

Yeguada Hnos Vara Muñoz Casillas

“We have been consuming Canterwalk products since 2012, both for breeding and for competition specimens. Canterwalk offers maximum quality feed, meeting all our needs. Our foals develop healthy and strong, and our performance horses turn out to be impressive in competitions. For a ranching like ours, with a semi extensive farming system, not all the pastures are the same every year, and so problems can appear. But Canterwalk technical team has always helped us, advising us and providing the necessary products. ”

This family herd dates back to 1881. Its recognizable heart-shaped iron was patented in 1927. They own several horse-breeding farms in Extremadura; in fact, the herd is located in the ranch of Olivenza (Badajoz).

From the beginning this ranching has bred Pura Raza Español horses with an overwhelming racial fidelity and beauty. Although their horses are usually dapple-gray, some of them can have chestnut fur, as some time ago this color abounded among them (44%).

The herd has achieved countless prizes in morphological competitions, more than 35 Breed Championships, almost 100 Gold Medals, more than 20 awards for the best gaits and it has been recognized as the Best Breeding Ranching on more than 20 occasions.

This ranching has also contributed to the establishment of many herds either in Spain or overseas. Stallions such as famous Invasor II, Digital, Champion of Spain in 2002, Nero I, Champion of Spain in 2006 and 2008, or Calzado, which was the founding horse of the Royal School of Equestrian Art of Jerez de la Frontera, have blood ties with this herd. Raparigo VAR, PRE Young World Champion in Sicab 2015, or well-known Senadora XXXVI were also born here.