The brand

Canterwalk Equine Nutrition is a Spanish brand established in 2011 as a result of the passion for horses of its founder, Roberto Colao, and his eagerness to design, produce and commercialize a premium feed for horses. Until then several high range feed brands were being commercialized in the country, but all of them were either produced outside Spain or belonged to foreign companies. On the contrary, Canterwalk products are completely manufactured in Spain.

Canterwalk has grown up as an independent company and, after its first 8 years, has been able to consolidate itself as one of the leading brands in Spanish market. During this time it has evolved and prepared to internationalize its sales. The business alliance contracted with Sedia Innovación Agroalimentaria, S.L, which is the producer company, has been decisive in order to reach the international market. Currently, the companies Canterwalk, S.L., and Sedia Innovación Agroliamentaria, S.L., work together as a whole, as they share the same corporate philosophy and goals.

Recently, a huge American company like Alltech, world leader in research, innovation, development and production of additives for animals, has joined our project, providing it with their experience, knowledge and technology.

Nutritional Aims

Canterwalk has a wide range of concentrates for horses, with different characteristics for different needs, but all of them designed and manufactured with the same nutritional philosophy: maximizing the digestibility of nutrients and preventing diseases associated with nutrition. For that purpose we have perfectly balanced formulas and meticulously selected fine raw materials which are later subjected to thermal and/or mechanical treatments for its cleaning and pregelatinization. We give shape to our products using innovative technological processes in the production stage, resulting in pellets with the highest quality granulation, with an optimal matrix, absence of dusty particles and post-pelleting thermostability. The extrusion process applied to cereals, which contain only complete grains in our products, provides a 95% pregelatinization of cereal starches.

Finally, all our feed include a series of nutritional technologies developed by Alltech, resulting in a range of horse feed with the most complete digestibility improver package in the European market.



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