Julian & Jones

This Swiss company is specialized in nutritional support products and their products contain ingredients of the purest quality and highest bioavailability in a balanced formula. All their pharmaceutical procedures guarantee the quality and the preservation of the ingredients. As a result, JULIAN&JONES products are 100% safe and free of artificial stimulants. Their main component is vegetable and recognizable by the label “PHYTO POWER”. Products are practical and easy to use, as explained in their manual. Apart from an appetizing taste, the packing is adapted to equine preferences and habits. Due to their pharmaceutical knowledge, this company has been able to develop, produce and commercialize innovative nutritional solutions successfully.


A paste to provide the horse with an extra energy boost and important nutrients before and during strenuous efforts. Gives energy, strength, flexibility without losing the control of the temperament! Musculosekeletal or spinal discomfort will be soothed.

A very hight quality supplement to stimulate muscle development, weight building and improves athletic performance. Ensures flexible muscle activity before and after intensive work.

Extraordinary supplement for maintaining strong bones, ligaments, tendons and keeping joints flexible in horses during the growth phase, horses in work and older horses, as well as preventively for sport horses.

A very well-balanced mixture of different oils and a high dose of high quality antioxidants and herbs for supporting the immune system, muscles, joints and endurance.

Immunity & General condition

A very strong and concentrated supplement for boosting the immune system in only a couple of days and keeps your horse in good condition.

Extra complete balanced supplement containing MSM, yeasts, psyllium husks, minerals, trace elements, electrolytes, fatty acids and amino acids to obtein or improve the overall condition, body balance and vitality.

Supplement with vitamin E, selenium and lysine for the muscles of sports horses and the general condition of breeding horses.

Cold pressed linseed oil and wheat germ oil of the highest and purest quality enriched with vitamin E and organic Selenium.

Nervosity & Behaviour

Extraordinary supplement to reduce hormonal-based reactions of emotional, aggresive, anxious and hot horses.

Dietetic feed for a calming and relaxing effect on nervous and “spooky” horses in stressful situations.

Internal & Digestion

Promotes and strengthens beneficial intestinal flora. The psyllium seed helps to out sand from the digestive system. Ideal for horses with a sensitive digestive system.


An unique formula of electrolytes, fast absorbing herbal nutrients, vitamin E, vitamin-B-complex, organic selenium yeasts for supporting intestinal balance after strong efforts, zinc and high dose of strong building blocks (amino acids) for soothing the musculoeskeletal discomfort and suppot an optimal recovery!

The complete compensation for the horseˋs loss of eletrolytes, in case of dehydration, intestinal and gastric imbalances. It promotes a proper recovery.

Extruded product

An extraordinary supplement for top sport horses and breeding based on extruded linseed, chicory fiber, spirulina and prebiotics for optimum balance in the digestive system and support immunity. Completed with all important vitamins, minerals and trace elements, as well as Lysine and Methionine.

External care

This green clay is a very high-qualitative poultice enriched with natural products, essential oils and minerals which slowly cools down stressed legs.